Why I’m NEVER Having Kids

My YouTube Ad for “WhyImNeverHavingKids.com”

May 18, 2008 · 3 Comments

First off, I just wanted to thank all of the people that have been stopping by my website!  It’s really been picking up traffic in the last few days, and I’m loving the comments and emails I’ve been receiving!

Of course, I’m always thinking of inventive ways to get the word out about “WhyImNeverHavingKids.com”, so I decided to do a few video ads and post them on YouTube!

Here is one of the ads I’ve posted up – it has clips of the video of the  ”Soulja Girl” that went crazy in Atlanta on one of the MARTA trains (the full clip of which can be located in “Why I’m NEVER Having Kids #27: Kids Born with “Issues” Are No Fun 2 Raise“).  The ad has been quite successful so far, and I hope the ads I put up in the future work just as well!

-A.P. Taylor

Send your “Why I’m NEVER Having Kids” ideas to neverhavingkids@gmail.com.

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