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Why I’m NEVER Having Kids #27: Kids Born with “Issues” Are No Fun 2 Raise

May 16, 2008 · No Comments

(Above: A 25-year old woman goes crazy on an 82-year old lady while riding a MARTA train in Atlanta.  WARNING: Video contains hilariously strong language.)

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, most of you have seen the video of the “Soulja Girl” going crazy on some old lady on a MARTA train in Atlanta.  (And in case you haven’t, it’s the video pasted above this paragraph, so check it out!)

The actions of this woman -who not only cussed at an old lady, but also claimed that one of the guys on the train raped her, and proceeded to yell, jump, and move rapidly back and forth – were explained by her mother, who called in to a radio show to tell the hosts that were child had bi-polar disease, and had recently decided to stop taking her medicine, resulting in her outlandish behavior.

The woman in question is currently 25, yet if this incident is any indication of how she was as a kid, I can’t even begin to imagine what her poor mother went through while raising her!

Children who are born with health issues – be they mental, physical, or life-threatening – are NOT fun to look after.  Yes, you can have a handicapped child and have moments of fun and pleasure with them just like other children, but let’s be real: there’s a LOT more work that has to be put into raising a kid with a serious medical condition.

Think about the follwowing:

1. A kid born with bi-polar disease has to consistently be on special medication, which can cost thousands of dollars over the kid’s lifetime (or at least the 1st 18 years before they start paying for their own meds).  Add to that the fact that they can go ballistic when they have an “episode,” and you’re left raising a ticking time-bomb that can go off at any minute!

2. A kid born with some type of physical defect – legs that don’t work, various body parts missing, etc. – has to be handled like a fragile piece of China, espeically during those first few years.  Kids in wheelchairs have to be pushed around, and even when they can finally wheel themselves, parents have to take extra precautions to see that every place they go has handicapped accessibility. 

Not to mention the various therapy sessions they have to go to (in hopes of getting that non-working appendage to work), the constant battle to uplift their self-esteem when they’re left out of stuff  they physically can’t do (like joining the Boy-Scouts and being the only one that can’t participate in the mile-long swim), and you’ve got a kid that makes raising it even MORE of a job!

3. Kids with mental isssues aren’t fun either.  Because their brains aren’t functioning at 100%, they can be quite a hassle to get under control.  They may be happy one minute, then screaming at the top of their lungs the next.  They also may not be able to verbally communicate what they are trying to express, consequently frustrating not only themselves, but everyone else in the process! 

Note: this is not meant to be a diss on kids who are already born and have any of these deficiencies, and if you already have a kid with these types of issues, I applaud you for being able to handle them on a daily basis. 

I just know that, for me personally, I already know how much work goes into raising a kid, and – seeing as I’m clearly not up for the task – I definitely don’t want any chances of having to add to that workload by having a kid who’s born with added challenges. 

Plus, the last thing I want to do is have to explain to the world why my kid felt the need to take a crap – in public – on the statue of Abraham Lincoln.  Yuuuuuuuuuule!

-A.P. Taylor

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