Why I’m NEVER Having Kids

Why I’m NEVER Having Kids #14: Hannah Montana Blues at Wal-mart

April 16, 2008 · No Comments

After a late night at work, me and a collegue of mine headed over to Wal-mart. She needed to buy some super-glue, and I needed to buy some Cranapple Juice, along with Janet Jackson’s latest CD.

While in line to purchase my items, I saw a man and a woman walking towards the line next to me, along with their daughter, who looked to be about 5 or 6. In her hands was a boxed-up toy doll version of Hannah Montana, the latest Disney star to have blown up around the country, thanks in part to her TV show and concert tour which has been sold out everywhere. (FYI: I bought a bunch of tickets to her show a couple of months ago, and made over $700 selling them to desperate parents on eBay. Hooray for capitalism!)

Anyway, the daughter was about to try and open this doll in the store, when her mom tried to grab the box from her and say, “you’ll have to wait until we get home to open it.”

Let’s just say, that phrase wasn’t going over too well with her daughter. Next thing I know, I hear a loud “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”, followed by the little kid running halfway across Wal-mart trying to get away from her parents!

The mom, looking tired and frustrated, ran after her daughter. After catching up to her, she grabbed her daughter by the hand and walked her over to the check-out line. The mother placed the toy up so the lady could scan it, then gave the box back to the daughter. Once again, the daughter tried to open it, and the mother, looking afraid to say anything for fear of another outburst, said, again: “Why don’t we just wait until we get home to open up the doll, sweetie?”

And the daughter’s reaction: “Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!”

The kid was still screaming as me and my co-worker left Wal-mart. We both said to each other, “if that was MY kid, she wouldn’t be getting anything!”

Luckily, I’ll never have to deal with that option :)

-A.P. Taylor

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