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She SAYS She Wants Kids… But What If…?

March 11, 2008 · No Comments

The conundrum: If a woman wants to have kids, and falls in love with a man who does not want kids, what are the chances of her sacrificing what she want so that she can have a man?

That’s the question I tend to ask myself from time to time. As you all know, I do not want kids, and at the moment I tend to only date women who do not want them as well.

However, there are a lot of girls I feel I may be missing out on simply because they have expressed a desire to have children. There are some girls that I get along with well, who have agreeable personality traits that click with mine, and the only thing that makes me not pursue them is that they want kids and I don’t.

Here is the catch-22 I always think about: if a woman wants to have kids, but the only men she seems to be able to click with relationship-wise is guys who do not want kids, will she forego exploring those relationships in the hopes of finding a man who wants kids – and consequently stay single while time slowly ticks away (until she gets too old to have children, in which case her waiting time was worth nothing); or will she forego having kids so that she won’t be lonely?

Whereas my desire to not have kids is so strong that I don’t feel the need to even date a woman who already has kids, I notice that some women are willing to sacrifice their desire for having kids in order to have a man in their lives. Heck, I told my last girlfriend I didn’t want kids, and she went from trying to persuade me to change my mind, to saying, “well, I don’t think I want kids now either.” Was the desire to have somebody more important than having kids? Is this a sacrifice most women are willing to make, or is it just a select few?

Just questions that run through my mind. I’d love to have some other thought about this, as I’d love to be able to expand my dating horizons to women who are more wishy-washy about having kids.

-A.P. Taylor

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