Why I’m NEVER Having Kids

Why I’m NEVER Having Kids #2: “Mom, Can I Have 50 Cents?”

March 3, 2008 · No Comments

(Note: I’ve been doing these entries for 2-1/2 years.  This incident happened in November 2005.) 

I went to Sunday’s Restaurant this morning to enjoy a nice meal at their breakfast bar. When I walked into the restaurant, I saw a huge outdoor grill standing in their mini-lobby. The restaurant had one of those boxes next to it where people looking to win the grill could fill out their info on a card and place it inside the box.

There was a mother standing there trying to fill out an entry card. Standing next to her was her young daughter, who looked to be around 6 or 7. As I was walking past them to get into the restaurant, the girl started begging her mom for money to buy candy.

The interaction went a lil’ somethin’ like this:

Daughter: “Mom, can I have 50 cents to buy some candy?”

Mom: “I don’t have a quarter on me.”

Daughter: “But all I need is 50 cents, mom!”

Mom: “I DON’T have a quarter on me!”

Daughter: “But mom, all I’m asking for is 50 cents!”

This went on for about a good 45 seconds. Finally, the frustrated mom yelled, “Look, I TOLD you, I don’t have a quarter!! You need TWO QUARTERS to for the machine, and I DON’T HAVE ANY QUARTERS!!!”

Like I said: I am NEVER having kids.

-A.P. Taylor

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